Relieve Digestive Issues


How often to you talk to your friends or family about toilet habits? Well, likely never, but certainly very infrequently, but there is something important everyone should understand.

Sitting on the conventional toilet isn’t really very good for us. Obviously, it’s better than not going toilet at all, but there is a better way of using the toilet, or even a better toilet.

When we sit on a toilet seat, our pelvis is at a right angle, with feet touching the ground, sitting up straight. Our posture looks good, but this isn’t good posture for this particular type of business. What happens in this position is our colon is getting closed, which causes an obstruction, and pulls the rectum out of line.


If the waste cannot properly be expelled, it will be left in the colon to rot and disturb your digestive system. You now have a big toxicity issue, and a fair amount of pain and discomfort. This can lead to problems like constipation, diverticulosis, haemorrhoids, and infections.

Now, we’re not about to go out into the woods and squatting at a tree to go toilet, but what can we do, and I mentioned squatting there, which is the key.

In many parts of Asia and Africa they use toilets that they do squat at, which creates a much more natural way of getting rid of waste. Back before toilets were created in the Western world we would squat, probably at a tree or over a hole, to achieve the desired result.

As no one is going to start standing on the toilet seat and squatting, we need to look at the best options.

I also figure no one is going to buy a squat toilet, although you can if you wish – just google it. However you can buy a squat stool, which is a stool to put your feet on, and raises yours knees closer to your chest. You can just use any stool that raises your feet a foot off the floor – maybe you’ve got one in a cupboard. It also helps if you lean forward, helping to creating that angle we would get naturally.

This isn’t the perfect solution, but it is a big improvement on how we use the toilet right now. So if you are suffering from constipation, get your knees up!

This isn’t really for this post, but squatting also uses a lot of muscles, and in the Western world where we sit often – on the toilet, in chairs, on the sofa – we do not using these muscles effectively. Now, you can all recall seeing an elderly person struggling to get up from a chair or sofa, maybe rocking themselves a little first to get momentum. When they sit into a chair they fall the last few inches, because these muscles can’t hold them. You will unlikely see that in Asia, as they don’t sit in the same style of seats, for such long periods. They sit on the floor more often and squat more often.

Doing some squatting exercises daily is a good option, even if it is you picking up all the toys, pens, and other things the kids have left lying on the floor!