A Healthy Balance

Pelvic imbalance is something I see daily in my clinic. , I’d say approximately 85% of new clients will present with this dysfunction.

Now, here’s a quick experiment; stand still, hike one hip up slightly, drop one shoulder slightly on the same side (to stop you from falling to one side), and hold that for 2 minutes. Notice what changes occur in your body in that time, what kind of tensional increase there is and where. Now imagine having that for a period of time; days, weeks, years, and imagine what that will do to you physically, and perhaps chemically and emotionally over a prolonged period.

You might also notice from the pictures opposite, the effect the imbalance has on the spine. Certainly this can lead to curvature of the spine over time.

You’ll also notice how the knee rotates inwards, and the foot pronates; the arch collapses.

So, if you think you’ve got a knee problem, or ankle problem, or the common bad back, then think again. The likelihood is you have a pelvis imbalance that is putting strain on other areas of your body as they compensate for this. Taking a look at the imbalance in the picture, imagine walking around like this every day. That’s gotta hurt!

I believe the Bowen Technique is one of the best, and most painless, therapies there is for effectively treating musculoskeletal problems, such as a pelvic imbalance. Often the pelvis will be held or forced into this unnatural position by a dysfunction in a muscle. I’ll see the gluts, hamstrings, or QL muscles often at play here, but it can be elsewhere, indeed even tension further up the spine in the cervical area can affect the pelvis.

Assessment is crucial to identifying what needs treating, and the Bowen Technique is very effective at getting a positive improvement – releasing the tension in that muscle(s), allowing the pelvis to realign.

Our bodies are a system, and a complex one at that, a sum of all parts must be considered in treatment. The Bowen Technique is a holistic therapy, and the body needs to be considered as a whole.

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The Bowen Technique is not a replacement for medical advice. Please seek medical advice if you have concerns about your health prior to booking