Human Performance Technology (HPT)

Created by a company called Voxxlife, this technology, which has been embedded in socks, insoles, arm and leg supports, is neuro activation technology. To put it simply, it enables communication to the brainstem, simulating the nervous system that will bring about homeostasis; a stable and well regulated system. The benefit from VOXX HPT is that it reduces pain, increases strength and endurance, increases stability and balance as well as enhances range of motion and provides for faster reaction times.

These are the only products I recommend, simply because I have seen the results for myself in others as well as myself. They have provided the missing ingredient to not just achieving (physical and mental) well-being, but maintaining it (without the need for frequent visits to a therapist).

As a therapist my primary task is to correct the structural mis-alignment I find in my clients, which is the primary factor in the pain being experienced. These products continue to maintain that alignment, balance, and pain-free state, mitigating the need for further treatment, and indeed even the need for the treatment in the first place (whilst the technology is being worn at least).

If you live in Plymouth and would like me to demonstrate the products on you please get in touch. Alternatively, see below for the product range, and further detail on the technology and science, as well as how to order.