A gentle, non-invasive therapy, clothes on therapy, focusing on the fascial tissue and receptors within.

By restoring balance and tonal symmetry the body can release pain and dysfunction.

Fascial Connection

Innovative wearable products, activating neurological response to bring about well-being.

The only product in the market delivering this technology and benefit, and the only one I recommend.

Neuro Activation

My love for sports, and my ensuing injuries captivated my  fascination with the body. It was years later having been diagnosed with M.E (CFS) however that I took the plunge and re-trained as a therapist.

Worked For Me

December 14, 2016

Why do many nutritionists say minerals are more important than vitamins?

Those who have studied the body and the effect of nutrients have learned vitamins have little or no benefit in the absence of adequate minerals.

I have heard some nutritional experts say the world...

October 20, 2016

There is so much information available regarding food plans, like diets or foods to avoid or foods to include etc that many people are overwhelmed, and often find themselves moving from one plan to the next in the hope of finding an answer, or maybe just giving up comp...

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